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Aim Higher Training Releases Free Online Spotlight Courses.

Aim Higher Training has released its first Spotlight courses on the Aim Higher Training Academy Teachable platform. Spotlight courses are free taster sessions that cover a range of topics that aim to increase employability and broaden work-based skills & knowledge. These courses are aimed at professionals although can be done by anyone in work. They are especially targeted towards those that feel like they are stuck in a rut, seeking change, or wanting to level up in their careers. 


At present, the free short courses available include Work-Life Balance, Personal Growth, and Making a Plan. These modules can be done individually but also flow in the order mentioned above to help build an overall personal and professional development plan.


In the Spotlight course on Work-Life Balance, students go through two coaching wheels one relating to life and the other to work, grading each element out of 10. This is a self-diagnostic tool that will identify within your working and personal lives. The idea is that you start to look at each segment of your life and start to identify areas for development or change. 


The coaching wheels are an interactive tool that has been added to the course with the generous support and assistance from Nadezhda Mihaylova, from


Spotlight courses on Personal Growth and Making a Plan use various self-assessment and planning tools used for evaluating and identifying problem areas as well as leading to the adoption of healthier and more effective strategies for personal and professional development.  


This series of free Spotlight courses is a taster of some of the modules of our much larger  ‘Kickstart your Career’ programme, aimed at helping people level up in their career and life due in the next few months. 


If you would like to check these courses out for yourself please visit us on Teachable here and get in contact with us to let us know what you think!

Aim Higher Training Releases Free Online Spotlight Courses.

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