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Celebrate Continuous Growth During Learning at Work Week 2024

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In the world of work, the ability to continually learn and adapt is more vital than ever. This is why we’re excited to celebrate continuous growth during Learning at Work Week from May 13-19, 2024.

Learning at Work Week is an annual national campaign led by the Campaign for Learning. It aims to spotlight the immense benefits of prioritising workplace learning cultures and professional development opportunities.

At Aim Higher Training, we wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of Learning at Work Week and lifelong learning. We believe that nurturing growth mindsets, upskilling, and investing in our workforce translates into heightened innovation, and engagement, and helps future-proof success.

Learning at Work Week is designed to be an inclusive celebration for organisations and businesses of all sizes, sectors, and types. From multi-national corporations to startups, nonprofits to government agencies – workplaces everywhere are encouraged to participate through special events, activities, and skills initiatives.

Learning at Work Week Events

Many businesses around the UK have some exciting events planned, so check out what’s available in your area, including:

– Skill Building Workshops: Deliver hands-on sessions for expanding competencies like coding, data analytics, public speaking, emotional intelligence, and more.

– Leader-Led Masterclasses: Hear from members of executive teams as they share insights, industry knowledge, and leadership philosophies.

– Learning Lunch & Learns: Join bite-sized lunch presentations exploring fascinating topics like economics, sustainability, and creative thinking.

– Learning Resources Fair: Check out training companies who may be showcasing such resources as on-demand learning tools, subscriptions, and free courses available to employees.

Workplace Learning Benefits

The benefits of building a thriving learning culture are immense. Organisations that prioritise employee growth experience higher engagement, productivity, and talent retention. They’re better equipped to pivot and meet evolving marketplace demands.

On an individual level, continual learning boosts creativity, cognitive abilities, career satisfaction, and long-term employability. It leads to a more enriched, purposeful, and future-proofed professional experience.

So, let’s support Learning at Work Week 2024 and commit to keep growing, adapting, and evolving our capabilities. Whether attending events, checking out learning resources, or simply exploring new interests – carve out time to invest in your development.

After all, the future belongs to continuous learners. Stay curious, keep upskilling, and celebrate the incredible opportunities from embracing a growth mindset.

If you want to work with a great training company to upskill your employees or develop your career,  contact us at Aim Higher Training, and let’s talk about how we can develop learning at work in your business.




Celebrate Continuous Growth During Learning at Work Week 2024

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