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Aim Higher Roundup April 2024: Celebrating Learning, Growth, and Achievement

April has been a chilly wet month in England this year.  The spring flowers are blooming and hopefully, we’re heading for warmer days in May.  Despite the unseasonable weather the team at Aim Higher Training is excited to celebrate the amazing progress and accomplishments of our clients this Spring. Qualifications and Learning Journeys We’re filled […]

Mastering Seamless Employee Onboarding for Success

Mastering Seamless Employee Onboarding for Success The journey of a new employee commences well before their first day at work. Think of effective induction and onboarding as the opening act of a play, meticulously setting the stage for a successful and harmonious performance. In today’s dynamic world of businesses and organisations, mastering the art of […]

Aim Higher Training Monthly Roundup – November Edition

As we bid farewell to November, it’s time to reflect on a month filled with new beginnings, hard-earned accomplishments, and exciting opportunities. We always love welcoming new learners to the Aim Higher community and extend heartfelt congratulations to our dedicated students and coaching clients for their outstanding achievements. Welcome to Our New Learners A warm […]

Unlock Your Potential: Aim Higher Training’s Black Friday 20% Sale!

As the year races towards its conclusion, there’s no better time to invest in yourself than during Aim Higher Training’s Black Friday 20% Sale. From 23rd to 30th November, seize the opportunity to elevate your skills, career, and future at an unbeatable price. Make an enquiry about any of our training courses during this period, […]

Culture Fit vs. Skill Set: Striking the Right Balance

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, the ongoing debate surrounding “culture fit” versus “skill set” remains a point of fervent discussion. While both factors hold undeniable significance in constructing a successful team, it is crucial to strike the right balance between them. In this blog post, we will delve into the juxtaposition of culture […]

Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Hiring: Your Guide to Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Hiring: Your Guide to Overcoming Unconscious Bias In today’s business landscape, where diversity and inclusion stand as cornerstones of organisational triumph, it has become imperative for companies to root out unconscious bias from their recruitment processes. Transitioning from a recruitment approach marred by hidden prejudices to one that embraces inclusivity […]

Monthly Round-up October Edition

Monthly Round-up from Aim Higher Training: October Edition As we bid farewell to October and embrace the autumn season, it’s time to reflect on another fantastic month at Aim Higher Training. October has been marked by success, recognition, and a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Here’s a round-up of our notable […]

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