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New Partnership with Ingeus UK

Aim Higher Training is delighted to announce a new partnership with Ingeus who will be offering our Spotlight courses to people on their various employability schemes across the United Kingdom.

Ingeus evolved from an Australian start-up to become a global provider of services that assist thousands of citizens every day.

Their original insight that people with barriers to work should be supported to thrive rather than left alone to just survive – was one that quickly found success in the UK.

Their original belief, that work is good for people, is now a mainstream view in public policy. Over the past 15 years, they have built on this basic principle and created new and better ways to support people overcome barriers in their lives.

In the United Kingdom, Ingeus has taken its knowledge, skills, and vision and applied it to other areas of people’s lives so that they deliver a variety of services in health, employment, youth services and justice.

Ingeus work with thousands of people in the UK to help them get back into employment, provide life-changing health programmes, work with offenders to stop them from re-offending and deliver youth services providing young people with a chance to thrive.

We are proud to be working with and supporting Ingeus with their services in the UK and anyone can access our free Spotlight courses covering work-life balance and personal development are free to use by registering on the Aim Higher Training Academy.


New Partnership with Ingeus UK

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