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70 Simple Ways to Reclaim Work-Life Balance

At Aim Higher Training we work with our clients to help them to identify, plan and meet their life and work goals. Often, they have some clear ideas about what isn’t working well or making them unhappy but can’t always put their finger right on it.

If you’re only just starting to think about your own work-life balance you might find it helpful to read one of our recent blog posts on Finding Work-Life Balance which has some useful guidance on how to start separating these two areas of your lives?

We start with some basics and get everyone to review their life and work balance using some of our specially designed coaching wheels. Our life wheel is divided into eight sections:

Health, Well-being, and Self-care


Finance and Money


Social, Recreation, Friends


Love and Relationship

Personal Growth

Based on self-assigned scores we can start to determine any key areas for development and invariably what we find is that a low score in one area can have an impact on other areas of life.

So for example, a health problem can dominate, as it can seriously curb an individual’s ability to participate fully in other areas of their life. By starting to tackle this one area other areas can be released and enriched.  Enabling individuals to start adopting a healthier approach towards eating and incorporating more exercise leads to joining a gym or yoga studio. In doing so, social lives improve, new friendships develop, and well-being becomes re-prioritised.

The same applies for the work wheel and with this one we divide it into these sections:

Work-Life Balance

Job Satisfaction


Working Relationships

Working Environment


Work Culture

Career Development

The same approach applies and low scores around poor work culture or environment can demonstrate the core reasons why other aspects of work such as low performance or lack of motivation can be more readily understood.

Once these self-assessment exercises have been completed, we can start to identify patterns and the impact of weaker areas on others and start to identify how areas of dissatisfaction can be improved.

Spotlight on Work-Life Balance

At Aim Higher Training our free online Spotlight on Work-Life Balance course can be your first step towards starting to identify your key areas for development. Once you’ve recognised your key areas for development, you can start to think about some steps you can take towards improving each area of your life.

Life change starts with baby steps and to support anyone on this journey we have developed a free PDF download full of some simple self-improvement advice. You can download your free download Top Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance, from our website.

Anyone can start to take baby steps towards developing and incorporating some good habits that can have a major long-term improvement in certain areas of our life.  Our guidance is aimed at addressing each area of our lives and helping to guide you towards making some changes that will help you to re-focus any areas of your life that might not yet score a 10.

If you are interested in starting to develop your plan towards self-improvement and a richer work-life balance but don’t feel you can do this alone, please get in touch and we can book a free introductory coaching session to help you get started.



70 Simple Ways to Reclaim Work-Life Balance

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