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Is it Time for you to Work with a Career Coach?

If you’re feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your job it might be time for you to start working with a Career Coach.

At Aim Higher Training we offer career coaching to help clients identify strengths and weaknesses, assess skills, and develop a structured approach to developing a career path. Hiring a career coach is an investment in yourself and can be done at any time of your life whether it’s as you’re leaving education, looking for a promotion, or looking for a career change.

Wherever you are with your career here are 5 great reasons hiring a career coach is a good idea:

  1. Your Career Coach will help you to establish your starting point

    We will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, assess your knowledge and skills and help you to identify areas for development.

At Aim Higher Training we have created some free online coaching tools on work-life balance and personal growth that can help you to understand yourself better and identify areas for your personal and professional development. We use the results of these tools to help you to better understand yourself, and your priorities and then start to build a plan for your future.

  1. Personal Development Plan

    We work with you to guide you towards identifying areas for development and build a personal and professional growth plan that will concentrate on your key areas for growth. If needed we can guide you towards finding the best training or qualifications and help to determine the best investment of your time and money you can make for yourself.

If you’d prefer to do this yourself, you can work through our free online course covering making a plan on our website.

  1. Career Management

    We can also guide you towards learning how to manage your career by prioritising action plans, advising on how to build and use your network effectively, creating a job-search plan, reviewing your CV, and practicing interview skills.

Mostly we provide the accountability that perhaps you need to keep yourself on track with your plans. We can also help you to mold your career into the direction you want it to go.

  1. Keeping you focused

    We can help you to stay focused on your plans and accountable for working through your action plan. We can also bring you more positivity in your life and guide you through the ups and downs of training or job searching.


  2. You deserve better

    So if you’re feeling dissatisfied in your job or career just take a moment to tell yourself that you deserve better. So if you know in your heart and mind that you deserve better now is the time to do something about it.

If you want great job satisfaction, please get in touch as we offer a free career coaching session to help you get started on the path to your ideal career and the future life you want to live.

We wish you good luck with the development of your career and for more information on our career coaching service please contact us through our website.

Is it Time for you to Work with a Career Coach?

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