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Calling all businesses: What are your Green Credentials?

Following on from some generally disappointing decisions and commitments from the latest COP27 in November 2022 conference it led us to consider what we can do as individuals and business owners to follow more environmentally sustainable practices in businesses. So we thought we’d take stock of what we are doing to increase sustainability and support climate change.

Our Green Credentials at Aim Higher Training and Development

So these are some of the green initiatives that we practice at Aim Higher Training.

  • Deliver virtual online training and development sessions to limit our carbon footprint.
  • Hold standardisation and External Quality Assurance meetings virtually.
  • Deliver all our programmes remotely unless our clients ask us to deliver them in-house.
  • Use electronic workbooks and portfolios to support our learners’ training.
  • Use public transport on the rare occasions we visit clients.
  • Maintain our files electronically and archive them in the cloud.
  • Refill all our cleaning products using products from Ecover, so we limit our use of single-use plastic items.
  • Use sustainably sourced bamboo paper goods from Cheeky Panda for toilets and cleaning.
  • Re-use all packaging and envelopes wherever we can and use paper tape so they can be recycled.
  • Recycle all plastic, cardboard, paper, and other materials that we can’t reuse.
  • Use the Terracycle system to recycle all cellophane and any other plastic packaging that we can’t recycle from the office.
  • Recycle ink cartridges and limit the number of documents we print out.
  • Use recycled ink, paper, and envelopes when needed.

Tree Planting with the International Tree Foundation

In addition to all these measures, we have partnered with the International Tree Foundation and fund the planting of a tree for every qualification we register with NCFE to deliver to our learners.

So far in 2022, the trees we have planted under this scheme will save 180 Kilograms of Carbon Dioxide this year and every year moving forward. Read more about our partnership through this blog post and you can support the work of the International Tree Foundation through their website.

Let us know what you’re doing to support sustainability and control climate change and please suggest any of your own ideas for how your business operation is helping to save our planet.


Calling all businesses: What are your Green Credentials?

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