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Home Sweet Home – Making Life Balanced

Home Sweet Home – Making Life Balanced

Home is more than just a place where you reside; it’s a reflection of your personality, your values, and your lifestyle. It’s the place where you can be yourself, unwind, and provide sanctuary from the stresses of a busy life. Homes come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, but what makes them special are the memories, emotions, and experiences that are shared within them. In this blog post, we will explore the different aspects of what makes a home and why it’s so important.


The location of your home is crucial because it determines the quality of life you lead. A good location provides easy access to amenities such as schools, hospitals, shops, parks, and transport. If you own your own home it also contributes to the value of your property and the sense of community that you build with your neighbours.

Neighbours and Community:

Your neighbours and the community around your home play a vital role in your well-being. A friendly and supportive community can make you feel safe, happy, and connected. It can provide you with opportunities to socialise, make new friends, volunteer for local initiatives, and learn new skills. It’s important to create a positive relationship with your neighbours by being friendly, respectful, kind, and helpful.

Atmosphere and Style:

The atmosphere and style of your home can affect your mood and productivity. The colours, textures, and furniture you choose can create a warm and welcoming environment that reflects your personality. It’s important to choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, whether it’s minimalistic, traditional, modern, or bohemian. The décor in your home will express your personality and include objects and possessions that you’ve gathered throughout your life and will mean a lot to you. It’s important to surround yourself with things your love, including books, music, and images that represent your style and areas of interest.

Light and Space:

Natural light and space are essential to creating a healthy and happy home. A home that is well-lit and spacious can enhance your mood, reduce stress, and improve your physical health. You can maximise the light and space in your home by decluttering, using mirrors, choosing light-coloured walls, and using open-plan layouts. By decorating rooms with furniture that serves your needs, and technology that can support relaxation and entertainment.  Along with pictures, photos, and possessions you love, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and happy when you’re at home.

Organisation and Sharing:

Organisation and sharing are key components of a functional and happy home. A well-organised home can save you time, reduce stress and increase productivity. Sharing your home with others can create a sense of community and reduce loneliness. You can organise your home to make living easier by using storage solutions, creating a cleaning routine, and keeping your possessions to a minimum. Sharing your home can involve living with family or having a flatmate hosting events, hosting events, or opening your home to guests.

Guidance and Inspiration:

Pinterest is a great place to start for inspiration as you can browse through the styles and images you like and create your own design and decor boards

There are lots of useful videos on YouTube that aim to educate and guide you through decorative choices, decluttering guidance, and getting organised. We recommend Lone Fox,  Alexandra Gater , and The Carla Project as good sources of advice, guidance, and inspiration.

In conclusion, your home is so much more than just a physical space; it’s a place where memories are made, relationships are built, and emotions are shared. The importance of home lies in the quality of life it provides, the sense of community it creates and the happiness it brings. It can also be an outlet for your creativity so you can decorate your home to suit your preferred colour schemes and styles. By focusing on the different aspects of what makes a home, you can create your own safe space that is tailored to your needs, interests, personality, and lifestyle.

Making a home is an important cog when gaining work-life balance and we offer a number of blog posts that are full of advice about how to start out creating more balance in your life on our website.

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Home Sweet Home – Making Life Balanced

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